AR2 skin for SMG

Basicly, it is for the AR2. But i’d like it to be in the SMG slot, replacing the SMG1 instead. Can anyone rig this somehow to the SMG?

I’ll give it a try.


What I thought would work, didn’t. The result ended up crashing the game every time I tried to load a map. Sorry. This request is still open.

Let me guess, you renamed the files from v_ar2 etc. to v_smg1? I remember that you need to make the textures work with the animations or something. Not sure though, i’ve never tried after i nearly crashed my whole computer completely.

No, you just need to hex edit the model.

However in this case, I don’t know if you have to hex edit it or decompile and recompile it entirely.

Wait a second. If you know that much about it, you CAN do it, right? RIGHT?

wait! i come bearing good news! i found this!

What I did was, renamed the pulse rifle v model to v_smg1, then hexed it. During the hex process, I deleted spaces so the name would fit, (something I knew probably wouldn’t work) and just watched the results, which was my game crashing.


What he described was probably the route to take.

here you go, fully hexed and ready to shoot

oh fuck yes thx

Wait, how’d you get it to work?