How to remove corpse with AR2AltFire at player died? Please help! And how to remove all corpse from map in round start?

If player died from AR2AltFire, its corpse should be disintegrated and removed automatically. As for round start, game.CleanUpMap() should do the trick. ( It will also clean the map to its original state, just like a new round show have. )

If player dead without Ar2AltFire? For example from pistol. His corpse not desintegrated… CleanUpMap() works not always. Corpses from Murder mod, for example, not always automatic remove at round start.

You probably should report it to the addon author, instead of trying to manually fix it.

For example in deathrun, if players dead, his corpses desintegrateddesintegrated and removes automatically. How to do that?

game.CleanUpMap() should remove all of your dead bodies. Give me IP of a server where this doesn’t happen so I can see for myself.

Setting g_ragdoll_maxcount to 0 should remove dead bodies without the cleanup.

That’s not a proper solution though.

Stop, only say me, how to desintegrate enity and automatically remove it?

The thing is, you misunderstood me about the “disintegration” part. Bodies will be automatically removed with the “disintegration” effect if the player was killed using “AR2AltFire” ammo type. Now.

You could loop through all of the players and remove their corpses on round start, but this is not supposed to be neccesary.

game.CleanUpMap() should already remove all the bodies for you. Make sure you didn’t remove it or something.

I also suggest you reinstall your gamemode and remove all addons to test whether it is your fault, addons, or something else.


Is this really true? It doesnt seem to work with any weapons at all. Thats probably just TTT overriding it though

TTT doesn’t use default player dead bodies, it creates a prop_ragdoll. + OP is using Murder as far as I can tell.

To dissolve a player; this was posted on the forum somewhere:

[lua] trace.Entity:SetName(“fizzled”);
local dissolver = ents.Create( “env_entity_dissolver” )
dissolver:SetPos( _p:GetPos() )
dissolver:SetKeyValue( “target”, “fizzled” )
dissolver:SetKeyValue( “magnitude”, 100 )
dissolver:SetKeyValue( “dissolvetype”, 0 )
dissolver:Fire( “Dissolve” )

trace.Entity should be the target entity, _p is the player. This does the effect on the entity.

Thankd to all, theme closed. Thanks Acecool, Roboy655, Sm63)

[ERROR] addons/**** /lua/autorun/**.lua:3: attempt to index global ‘trace’ (a nil value)

function playerDies( victim, weapon, killer )
		local dissolver = ents.Create( "env_entity_dissolver" )
		dissolver:SetPos( victim:GetPos() )
		dissolver:SetKeyValue( "target", "fizzled" )
		dissolver:SetKeyValue( "magnitude", 100 )
		dissolver:SetKeyValue( "dissolvetype", 0 )
		dissolver:Fire( "Dissolve" )
hook.Add( "PlayerDeath", "playerDeathTest", playerDies )

I try used player vectors, see wiki, it’s not help me. This enity doesn’t exists writen in console, what i need to do?