arc better hunting for Rust

Good afternoon, I would like to talk about rust hunting bow, because you will put ferrules legal arrows, but will keep the same arc, do not think that would be more than time to change that bow hunting ??
Because it seems that the character got off the stem of a plant any and placed a rope, this game is getting more beautiful and cool, but it you do not think to improve, the bow is the weapon used, and in my opinion one the best. It would be just you put a bow away English, or would that be too much work for you ???

Sorry about my English!!

Basicly if im not 100% retarded you want a reskin for the bow?

Or do you want it to have a new overworked mechanic cuz im not really sure what this thread is about.

Thats some strong googletranslate that youre using

I used google translate yes, and o’que I want is an arc away from English, this current is ugly and thin

Then go play Ark?

I think he means that he want a better variety of either bows or arrows because the current ones are not to his liking.