.arc file formats/porting from Dead Rising

Hey Models/Skins section, I have a question I need answered. I have come into possession of an iso archive of Dead Rising for Xbox 360 (I do own a legal/purchased copy of the game though). I had planned to port models from the game into Garry’s Mod then share them, but I face a problem. The iso is filled with files with an unknown file extension, they are all .ARC files.

An example:


Any help would be great, but please share any knowledge or a way to open these. Thanks Models/Skins section!

Extra information
All the files in the iso are in fact .ACR files.
The ARC formats can be cracked (to a point), and when done they contain files, but of unspecified formats.

Dead Rising models would be the Shit someone has to help him.

Well you’ll need something that can open and extract the files from the arcs.



Nearly cracked it, but as you can see it doesn’t have the file extension so I’m not sure what it is. (Don’t ask about the folder I extracted to, just a random one. :v:)

I think the wii arc extractor might work for it. http://wiibrew.org/wiki/ARCTool

Bumping for Dead Rising justice.

I’m still stuck where I was 2 months ago. I got the .ARC files partially open. But all the files are of unspecified formats so I have no idea what to do. Again, any help is much appreciated.

And Arctool didn’t work.

Ah yes, thank you for reminding me about that.

Please, oh please, someone help him. I love Dead Rising and these models would be sick

I looked on mariokart64n’s forums and he tried to crack it along with some other people, but he could only get the textures out. That picture with Isabella he posted a long time ago was a wii model with HD textures from xbox360 version.

I’ll look into this, i remember there was a way before.

could it be that the unpacked files are xbcompressed ?

Chrrox made scripts to port Dead Rising 2 files now. http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=5062&sid=b32817683865919bd102a1fe51a31502


Except every big file I extract has nothing extracted out of it.