Arc Style Trace

Is there any way to make a trace between 2 points in an arc?

Like this. A trace that checks anything inside the arc.

(MSPAINT ftw).

Not natively, you’d probably have to approximate it with a lot of Linear traces.

I’m a noob at lua, but maybe use


and then angles or soemthing to cut up the sphere into an arc?



So you could get everything inside the sphere and check the angle of the entitys in comparison with the center of the sphere, or the origin of Ents.FindInSphere and then if they are out of a certain rangle don’t use them.

Find in sphere creates a hypothetical sphere based on radius to two points, so it doesn’t help at all.

Dont think there is a way :confused: the best i can suggest is to create several traces (that end at certain length) and position them to create an arc.

Thank you for re-iterating the first response. It was very necessary.
If JgcxCub hasn’t realised this in the past 4 months, I’m sure he will be pleased you told him.

Thanks for your input, Lexic. I’m still waiting for an idea. :v:

Use maths and **[Util.PointContents](**.

Which means, trace manually.


Or simply do an approximative arc with a few linear traces. People won’t see the difference.

Is there any way to get Util.PointContents to spit out the actual entity it touches, rather than just an enumeration of what is there?

Well, if you want the easy way, do the math ( Should be easily found in Google ), then call a ents.FindInSphere with a tiny radius on that position when it hits.

Couldn’t you just use **[Ents.FindInCone](**? or am I misunderstanding what you’re trying to do?

Well, I realize you could just use a trace, it’s just that that’s not really what I was looking for. But if that’s how it’s done, then okay.

Find in cone is not a trace.


Well I’m guessing once you hit something you can do a 1 lenght trace on it. No other real way sadly.

What exactly do you have to do an arc trace for? Because there might be another way to get the same effect.

A kick-ass sword is my best bet.

Well… arent you the friendly one -.-

Trace line * X/Y

X is the forward trace.

Y is the up trace.

Place it sideways… :3

Erm… What?