Arcade Games

So I started making these out of boredom and I’ve seem to have gotten a method perfected which makes each one only take 30-45 minutes to model/hex/scale.

I’m wondering if you guys have any ideas on the other ones I should make? Just start throwing ideas out there.

Done (Ready for download captain!):
-Dig Dug
-Black Knight (Pinball)
-Donkey Kong

-Rally X
-Space Invaders
-Baby Pac-Man
-Ms. Pac-Man
-Mr. Do
-Dragons Lair
(And some others)

I’d love to hear from you guys!

Group photo:

I finished robotron last night using more hi-res textures, I don’t have a picture at the moment because I’m at school.

I’ll be uploading the Black Knight and Donkey Kong machines to the workshop today. Still need idea’s for games :stuck_out_tongue:

How about the old table pac-man, too?

also time crisis booth yes please

eh you did a pretty nice job, makes me wanna go to an arcade (if they weren’t a thing of the past for the most part nowadays) do you think you could make an arcade cabinet based of Polybius? if you need me to remodel the thing at all I will.

How about Metal Slug, Golden Axe, Area 51, and Mortal Kombat?

I second everything everyone else said other than Mortal Kombat since we have that already.

Do Polybius! Metal slug and virtua cop would own too

I’d like to see a Marble Madness cabinet.

That actually wouldn’t be too difficult since Marble Madness’ cabinet is virtually identical to a REACTOR cabinet (And I already have one modeled)

edit: I’m also going to be working on the textures so the models only call two VMT’s (One for the monitor, one for the cabinet)

I’d love to see this

You owe me one :words:

I can do the controls later on, but for now I’m gonna leave it like dat

Could you do Daytona USA, Silent Scope, and Hydro Thunder?

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I second these as well

Uploaded Donkey Kong to the workshop. Go ape :v:

Uploaded Dig Dug to the workshop. Go dig :v:

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Uploaded the Black Knight Pinball Machine to the workshop. Go show off your sword you dashing devil :quagmire:

This came out WAY better than expected, those curves are killer.

And this is why I don’t do joysticks in my models:


Too blocky as well.

other than that it looks good.

For some reason they all come out that way, if I bump up the detail on the spheres then the model starts to get laggy. I’ll look into fixing it eventually.