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Very nice.

And then the dog adsorb the artifact.

Lighting on the right looks… multi-shadowed?

Good colors

how’d you do the reflection?

This is looks beautiful

could you tell me how to put smoke effect please?

The whole scene only has 4 lights, believe it or not. 2 for the crystals, one for the artifact, and one purple ambient light to fill in the shadows a little. That said, this is the first test of an AO system I’ve been developing in post. It uses a depth pass to generate AO without doing any painting/shading yourself. It still needs refining though, which is why I’m using it on dark scenes where it isn’t that noticeable anyway.

Mirrored image with some wave distortion filters. I used a fullbright white texture on a flat prop for the mask.

It’s just a tinted picture of smoke set to screen with a mask (see my z-depth tutorial in the sticky).

Woah, you did it. It looks fantastic, although you can barely notice it in this scene. Why not put it in a brighter one?

Beautiful! My eyes are pleased by this. Good job!

great to see that others are breaking new ground while i’m just doing the same old same old :v:

You worked for years with gimp and literally no shadows. You broke new ground in showing what can be done with shit hardware, which is worth a lot in a section that stresses quality regardless of tech :v:

That’s a really sweet AO concept.

You should definitely do more sunset/brighter pics to see the AO effect. Most of your recent work is in the night time of day.

Another test, this time in a brighter scene (cross post from “Want to Post a Picture…” thread). There are two problems that need to be fixed: One, I need to figure out how to do a range check on the AO, and two, I’d like to figure out how to change the “direction” of the AO (a subtle but important effect - as it stands it treats the AO as though a soft light is coming from the camera).

The range check is definitely gonna improve it