Arch Issue

Hey, when creating a floor in a curved hallway i’m encountering this problem.
I’m sure there is a easy way over this but i can’t seem to figure it out.
I think that the hallway is too wide, the dimensions are 322 x 322 meaning the arc size is 161.
Any way to fix this? Thanks.

Change the width.

Unless that hallway is visible from the outside, that floor doesn’t need to be an arch, you can just make it a square block to save on brushsides.

Regardless, when making 90 degree arches, for whatever reason you need to halve the thickness of the arch. so if your hallway is 256 wide, try putting in 128 for the thickness and it should work properly.

I did originally have it it like this, but i was told it would be better for optimization if it fit perfectly into the hallway, will it not matter if it is just a square block because it is not visible from the outside?

no, it doesn’t matter because when you compile it, any part of the face that is in the void gets removed automatically.

Okay, thanks.