ArchangelServers - Looking for developers.

We are looking for any developers who have a gamemode or would like to help us code for ArchangelServers, although you must not be a Lua newbie because this is very hard code to do. You can click here to see what ArchangelServers is.
We can offer you FTP access and your own server if you’re hosting your own gamemode for us, as well as a portal for your server in the map (and if you want we can hook it up to the ArchangelServers database so equips and all the such works, and you can create upgrades for your server you can buy with zenny and you can or we can add zenny earning in your gamemode)
Well, please post below if you’d like to join us. We are looking for Lua coders to help us out, and modelers/mappers. We can offer alot if you do join us, I’ll send you a PM if you seem worthy.
Thanks guys.

I might be interested. Add me to steam Yahan01.

Where do I remember the name Yahan from?

Hmmm. Might be because I was once a part of Lappy RP. Hoping it would become something great.

Oh yeah, yeah, forgotten what you did, but I know it was something.