Archetype Gaming: Help wanted.

Hello. We are Archetype Gaming, a community based around HL2RP using Clockwork. You can find our forums here: . We are experienced roleplayers and play for fun and seriousness. We have all the staff we need except a buyer… We need your help getting this year long dream moving. We are coding things that have been rarely or never seen in a HL2RP server, which will make ours a new experience, and a lot more interesting than most HL2RP servers. If you have any questions, please contact me or Doc Sprocket (Mine) (Doc’s). Thank you for reading this and we hope to see you on our server!

A webs website, come on. Using some leaked game mode. What do you mean by buyer, someone running the servers? And features do not mean better or unique roleplay.

Using some leaked gamemode? I don’t think Clockwork is a leaked gamemode… We’re using .webs at the moment before we get a domain name etc. I didn’t say that our roleplay would be unique, I said it would be a new experience, which it would if it was something different. And by ‘‘Buyer’’, it explains itself, the person who buys the server.

Clockwork hasn’t been released, there for leaked. Also, if you aren’t paying for the servers, you have a lot less power over the community.

You would think, by running a community owning a server yourself is probably one of the most important things.

I’m curious. I see a lot of hosting options for games that offer X amount of dollars for player slots.

Is it unrealistic to have a high powered amazon ec2 linux server, that runs a couple game servers on different ports? Isn’t that basically what these people are doing when they charge others for hosting?

on the note of Linux, I just got accepted into the Steam for Linux beta :smiley:

Also, amazon ec2 offers a free year of micro tier of service. I’m wondering if that could host a server with a few players.

Shouldn’t this be in a requests section?

Since this has little to do with Game modes, Apart from the fact you are

We don’t have Clockwork yet… We’re getting it on the release date.

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Yeah, I might do a repost in the Requests section.

You fail to show anything that makes your community different, if you cannot afford to buy a domain, you cannot afford to run a community. But on nicer terms, you should probably wait a bit before jumping into this. Build up a nice pot of money and get some hype going about your community, upload some actual content and for gods sake don’t post about ‘future’ things that you have no way to prove will happen, silly pipe dreams that just make people lose interest. Only announce something when it is nearly finished or is in a stable state. Having any website is not better than ‘a’ website and just makes you look so unproffesional, this is like entering the Indie 500 with a Electric Car and putting all your hope in the fact that it will become faster soon enough to get your community off the ground.

Although you have got a nice gamemode selection, but your community doesn’t seem suited to it.

Just my two cents.