Archievment Addon?

I have no idea if im in the right section, but does anyone know if there is a updated and working version of an achievment addon`? cause all i found were 2-5 Years old and not working.
If there isnt, could someone code if for me (for money)

Like i see them on ALL deathrun servers. There gotta be an addon for it ._.


There built in…

He’s talking about a custom achievement addon. I’ll look into it and if it is not a lot of work then I’ll do it for free, otherwise we can talk about it privately.

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Just looked into it, there is a lot that needs to be updated.

I’ve updated about half of it. If you want it, ill send it to you to help you out

I’ve done everything except get the achievements to load. All of that is easy but I think Garry changed “include()” in gmod13 and I don’t know how to fix it.

Exactly this. Although im doing the version 3.0, which one are you doing?

i would be greatfull if you could send me a updated and working version of it. Add me on steam: 1Day2Die

If loading is the only thing you guys need, I might have some time to help with it.

local files, dir = file.Find( "lua/achievements/*", "GAME" )
	table.sort( files ) // We do this so they stay in the same order.
	print( "Loading achievements..." )

	local delay, n = 0.05, 0
	for i, ach in ipairs( files ) do
		--timer.Simple( i * delay, include, "achievements/" .. ach )
		timer.Simple( i * delay, function()
			include( "achievements/" .. ach) --line 821
			if SERVER then
				AddCSLuaFile("achievements/" .. ach)
		end )
		n = i

the files are in addons/achievements/lua/achievements/
one example would be “addons/achievements/lua/achievements/aaaah.lua” and it says it cannot find file.

Couldn't include file 'achievements\aaaah.lua' (File not found) (@addons/achievements/lua/autorun/achievements.lua (line 821))
[Pandaman09] Lua Error:
Couldn't include file 'achievements\aaaah.lua' (File not found) (@addons/achievements/lua/autorun/achievements.lua (line 821))

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Since you “bumped” is so many times… jezz. I suggest you go on and make a “job” that other well-experienced coders can handle.