Archippa, the amateur poser presents: Poses, duh.

Here’s some of my older poses.
And before someone says it, no, I didn’t have AA on in most of these(if not all).
Just figured I’d post these here to see how you Facepunch guys think of them.
I’m just sayin’, you guys are like the gods of posing to some.

I usually don’t post in screenshot threads, but I feel compelled to say that these are really good.

The only issues for me are the lighting in the 1st and 6th. Good work though.

Pretty good for a beginner.

wow not bad at all. just make sure you don’t have any clipping (AK stock and the guy’s arm in the second pic) and ditch the sharpening filter

By definition everyone is an amateur poser.
There’s no such thing as a professional Garry’s mod poser.

These are nice, I particularly like the metrocops being executed shot and the citizen in the playground - the latter has so much emotion in it with such simplicity.

These look familliar…are you on lemonpunch?

If so, howdy hey! It’s Huggable_Commando

Yes I am, under the name of Gear. Cheeries.

It’s nice, if you are begineer.

You have so much to learn, but you have great potential.

The camera angles and posing is well executed, now you just need to work on your post-processing skills. Lighting needs work, and you need to use sdof and make sure you render.

You also need to put more effort into your composition. What I mean by that is: You need to plan the screenshot. Make sure you use good high quality models. If you don’t have access to any appropriate HQ models, then at least make sure your posing will hide as much of their hideousness as possible. I see a lot of stretched textures here, this can be fixed by posing/editing.

Keep it up though. Use the C&C people give you, and you’ll become a screenshot king in no time.

Like I said above, those were some of my older poses.
Here’s some of my newest work.

This one was more or less a disaster. My Photoshop skills aren’t worth shit, but at least I was able to fix the skin glitch.
(It’s a terrible attempt to make tear trails on her face, but people liked this pose anyway, so I decided to show it to you guys.)

Also, thanks for the constructive criticism. I’ll be sure to take heed of your words in my future poses. :3

your composition has definitely improved. the fifth one down is really good, although could have done with some blue lights in the back to spice it up a bit