Architectural dilemma

Four-way arch towers, they’re killing me.

So, I have this tower:

Two arches run through it, but I encounter a problem: the square area created in the center. I’d like to cut at the marked areas, removing the square but maintaining the center’s qualities of being a combination of the two arches. I’d really like to do this sans carver tool. In the case it can’t be done reasonably, is there a way to initially build this structure where this kind of problem wouldn’t occur, yet I could get the look I’m going for?

So wait, what exactly are you trying to do?

I think I understand - I think OP wants to make this shape with the darker areas, but keep the dome thing in the middle:

| |
_ _
| |

Edit: darn, posting fucked up my ascii

I want it to look as if I’d used halved-cylinders with carve tool on a block. It would create four seamlessly integrated archways that flowed along the edges of the tower and met without blockage at a single point. Essentially:

What I have:

What I would like:

When I have no where else to go, I use the carve tool (MAKE A SAVE/BACKUP FIRST!) and then do vertex manipulation work to mirror the carves in a cleaner, more efficient, optimized way.

Oh my god. This is just great.
I just realized that if one uses the clipping tool to isolate the inner dome, one can select the inner pieces individually and then just delete them.

Sorry to waste your efforts, guys. I didn’t expect the magical epiphany.

Get out, you should never user carve, it fucks up brushes and creates micro-brushes.

If you use it wrong. Sometimes you can get away with it, but clipping will be better.

Simple things such as door frames and windows, but it’s still alot better to clip everything.

But it is rather difficult to clip on something like this. I stuck to clipping tool, but I could only really make one continuous path with another as a blocky lead-in.

I’m taking note of this!
Indeed the carving had let me down earlier.
But there’s alternative, longer, more effecient ways to do it via clipping tool.


Not quite what you were looking for OP, but displacements are very powerful for smooth arches, if I put more effort into it I might have been able to emulate you needs.

Oh wow! I never thought about it like that! Thank you for the idea :smiley:


Click to download](

Is that what you want to achieve?

That kind of looks like using the center pieces of a torus. I tried using that for my own attempts, but failed horribly.

Mine was purely clipped blocks, copied and vertex manipulated.

This is actually perfect. Thank you :3

What was your process for this? Just copy and paste blocks and vertex manipulate? How’d you get it so smooth?

ALSO: This causes some lighting problems, namely that shadows follow a blocky shape instead of the smooth path that an arch creates. Any fixes that you know?

I started by making that quarter arch you see to the side by making a 24 side cylinder, then clipping a block using that as a reference. Copied it and clipped both on a 45, then moved them slightly away from each other, then copied one again and vertex manipulated it to fill the gap.

Use smoothing groups to make the lighting behave correctly.