ARCONI CLAN Recruiting

Rust Arconi Army recruitment form:

Clan Name: Arconi Army

Clan leaders: Jakob/Leaks, Kevin/Nameless, Peter/Gary

Clan Type: Tactical Roleplay / Fun

As the clan name suggests, we are an army of roleplaying individuals. Each month, the other leaders change our roleplay topic. Shifting to the more technical side of the clan, we are grouped into three divisions, headed by the leaders. In each division, are three squads, each headed by a squad leader, or sergeant. The main objective of this clan (besides completing our roleplay mission) is to better the experience of other players with our insanely imaginative roleplay topics.

Current Roleplay Topic: Nothing ATM

Each month our roleplay topic changes, last month, we were roleplaying as a cult of Christians. Our belief was that if we sacrifice every third person we met, the lord would save us from the apocalypse.

Communication methods:
Skype: peterdjmixer

I will add you to the main chat after you answer a few quick questions

If interested, please contact me on skype, and I will speak to you as soon as possible

Peter/Gary, Arconi Army recruiter

PS: We accept new players!!!