Arctic Combat Mk48 model

Hi! I’m looking for a model of Mk48 m.gun from Arctic Combat game - can’t find it anywhere (the only one availabel has missing polys).

I doubt someone still has the game files since you know, the game was shut down 3 years ago (sadly)

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You can try looking for it on model pages like p3dm

Are you looking for the worldmodel or the viewmodel, I got both

Probably both models… Here’s the model I have - as you can see it has some issues.
If you have the worldmodel and viewmodel in good quality, upload it, plz.

Yeah, that’s just the way the models were designed, mate

The missing faces are an optimization technique. You’re gonna have to rebuild em if you want a complete model

Call of Duty also pulls the same shit, even now. Basically no one else does it nowadays though.

yes and judging by looks of latest CoD i wonder why it needs so much resources…

Okay, thank you for info, I’d appreciate it if you could point out some other err… complete Mk48 model… :class:

Check models from video games list.