Arctic Combat Predator helmet hack

So i navigating thru the web and seeing some pics, i realized that there aren’t any ragdolls with this kind of helmet, take a look on what i’m refeering; this was the background of the home page of the game:

As i used to play the game and i also have the ragdolls of it, i love this helmet a lot. The only problem is that there´s no way to take it out of the ragdoll’s head, i mean, there isn’t a helmet prop. If anyone can hack it out, even as an effect, i’d like to see it apart and have it to use it in combination with some other models, here’s a download link to the guys in case someone is interested (just don’t judge me, this game was awesome for me until WebZen closed it for no apparent reason):

There are 2 different materials for it i think, one in ACU pattern and i forgot the other one’s name but it was something like an autumn FLora, anyways, just take a look. Thanks to anyone who’s anyone to do it!