Arctic Combine Soldier securing his harness

This is one of my first poses, but the first I think is good enough to post on Facepunch. It’s also my first try at film grain.

CC appreciated.


Pose is ok, but there is too much bloom and the ropes are ugly.

It’s the Borealis!

The rope looks awful…
Posing is ok, but the pic is boring.

Can you tell me how you got that glow effect in the sky? Also, very good for one of your first poses. (Rope sucks ass though.)

I like the idea. The combine soldier’s posed pretty well.

I like the bloom and the acrticness.

Very good posing.

too much bloom

Wtf is the rope going through the rail for?

It is ment to be an arness cord, so its there to hold the combines weight while he goes down.

He’s going down?
Well that changes things.

Ahaha rope tool. You can actually make ropes look REALLY good using the rope tool, IF you use it properly (not just “click click click”)

Or you could just edit it in with photoshop.