"Arctic sniper" and "Get away from the windows!"


If you look close to the left you might see glass shatter. :slight_smile:


It must be awesome to have the ability to screw around with models and create your own :3

Just fucking release 'em


Yeah it is. :smiley:

I think we both know the answer to that.

Nice but the first picture, why does the actual barrel of the rifle stick out(more bold, I should say) than the rest of it?


“Okay :D!”?

hey, since you’re hording those models to yourself for whatever reasons, why don’t you make a decent skin for them

or at least tone down on the editing so we can actually see any effort put in to them

I use the skin I think looks good on them and I can upload the originals next time.

These pics are awesome as always.

I think the skins are great and the editing is just fine.
Not everyone who makes model hacks release it as soon as it’s done. I happen to know that Superfrog started hacking three days ago, and he’s done about 25 hacks and some new skins.




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Holy shit, you got the standard Spetsnaz helmet…



I don’t know what to say :wooow:

Your winning my “Poser for life” price :smiley:

Epic as always :eek:

Looking good, still loving them skins.

I personally don’t care if he releases them since I’d never use them myself. I’m just saying that the skins are hard to see, and I’d prefer to see the work on the project (this case the models) than some fillers like snow or motion blur.

I don’t care if you would download but then why would you want to see the models? And I’m not posting to show them. I just enjoy making pics.

He isn’t releasing them in this thread, you know. And if you don’t even care why would you want to see them clearer?

Where i can get that regdoll?

Looks awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on them :slight_smile:

Did you read any of the above posts?