Arduino Prop

Hey FP, I need a arduino prop for my upcoming cloud script,
I have some High Res Pictures of my arduino below and a Size comapirsion, However I don’t want it to be 100% of the size in the picture, Maybe just twice of 3X the size stated in the pictures.
Thumb’d for massive size, And I kept the massive size so you can use it for textures:

Also, I dont mind If the chips are not even polys, They can just be bumpmaps, But the headers at the side need to be.

A £1 reward is now on offer. If it gets done by the end of today (GMT +1)

£1 per hour would sound more reasonable for a request like that.

Its not a complex request.

Bump, this is a really simple request?
I just have no idea how to compile with 3ds max

£0.50 is less than £1. So paying by the hour works out worse.

So anyone up to it?

I kinda made attemp while was bored. Not all diodes/little things added but biggest ones did.
Made few sizes so that you might be happy :stuck_out_tongue: Also grey models are just to see bumpmaps.

benjojo PM me for your model .