Are all the UK servers sleeper servers?

Just writing this guys because i was playing the game for about 1 hour and i logged for 30 mins to do some stuff and i log back in and all my stuff is gone, i ask people on the server what’s going on and they said it is now a sleeper server is this true? if so why when

All servers are sleeper servers.

ALL the servers are sleeper servers now.

This is not fair on the working class people that can actually support this game, i cant play all the time obvious because of work i really don’t think this is fair and will deter alot of people from playing this game again, i wont be playing again untill this is changed and im sure im not the only one who feels like this, devs are making it easier for no lifers and jobless people really is just not fair

thats why being in a clan is a good thing. But no nobody should be forced to join a clan, but as i said it is a good way to keep on playing with ur stuff

Hey, I got a wife and kids and job and etc…
I have to pick and choose my playtimes.
Sometimes I have to log out quickly and don’t have time to hoof it all the way back to my house.
I agree.
Gary seems to really want this in game, and it’s his game, so I’m very doubtful this is gonna change.
Hopeful but doubtful.

Not playing this game again untill it is changed same with 10 others of my friends!

but this also help with the combat loggers. So nomore people running behind a mountain and logg off , and no people taking all their shit in the base and loggoff , now we will defenitly get battles,fights etc !

i understand that u have kids and a wife and so on, i do also have limited space for gaming but hey atleast when ur out and raiding it is much more fun now :smiley:

and i belive there will be servers without the sleepers thing later on

This sleeper stuff is bullshit