Are Animals / Barrels not respawning?

I have noticed that when you start a new server there are plenty of animals and barrels, but after about 24 hours there are none left…

Last night I ran around for 2 hours on a popular server, starting at the Southern end, and traveling all the way to the Northern end, and during that time I saw 1 animal and 0 barrels!

I was on the same server right after the wipe and saw plenty of animals and barrels, which leads me to believe that the respawning is broken, and once they’re gone, they’re gone?

hmmm… im playing on my own server and farming much Barrels/Animals. After some ingame nights the barrels are respawnd and im still finding Animals… i dont know whats wrong now… other Server i got same problems like you…

If you’re playing on your own server, then it’s unlikely that you’ve already farmed all of the animals and barrels on the map yourself.

If you go to a server with 50+ ppl, there are no animals or barrels left 24hrs after the wipe.

Some games do increase respawn rate of things proportionaly to the number of players online. Idk if it’s the best solution though.

I played on the live branch for not very long, so I can’t say my observations are worth much, but I noticed MANY less barrels near forest, and seemed to find almost ALL of them in either the desert or in radtowns. Usually they were clumped, both the actual barrels and the trash can looking ones that ONLY spawn in radtowns (yes those have loot).

Animals did also seem a tad more scarce, but again I didn’t play for long before going back to dev branch so take this with a grain of sulfur.:wink:

My impression is that the server starts up with animals and barrels, but once they are farmed they don’t respawn, (I could be wrong though).

I ran the whole desert area last night, (usually fairly barrel-rich), and didn’t find a single barrel. The evening before, (after the wipe), I ran the same desert area on the same server and found plenty. This is why I think they don’t regenerate…

Respawn rate is lower on some servers.

Before the update quantity of barrels/animals were higher, now is lower, so with low respawn rate is a mess.

I’m on a low pop server and I’m extremely hard on resources. Animals have been respawning without a doubt, albeit slow and sparce, and I probably would have run out of barrels by now if they weren’t respawning. You’re probably just seeing the result of a BP wipe on a high pop server. I do remember a period of time when there would be invisible trees (respawns I think) and areas would look bare until I relogged and were suddenly everywhere. Arrows would hit the invisible trees and fall. I had to play all day before it got that bad though. Might be worth relogging if you’ve been playing long stints.

Rocks are another story. I’ve already pushed them back to the mountains and desert and there aren’t a whole lot left on my map and it’s not a small one. No stone houses anywhere besides mine. Might have to start mowing down trees in the hopes that some respawn as rocks :stuck_out_tongue: I really hope not. Tree cutting is painfully monotonous after the last patch.

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Now that I think of it, I joined an official server right after the patch and somehow nobody else was running the desert. I was catching barrel respawns everywhere.