Are bans for spam permanent on official servers?

I was recently banned on an official server and submitted a ticket on facepunch support but wasnt sure if that was the right place to ask. Ive seen people get kicked for other reasons and thought I was going to atleast get a kick warning before getting a full ban.

Yes. I don’t imagine the devs appreciate it when you waste their time.

I think it depends of the type of “spam”. What did you do exactly?

:disgust: That makes sense, but is there a way to appeal it? I have almost 2k hours logged and Ive only ever played on one server.

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I was spamming lyrics to a song

I think there’s no appeal for anything with Facepunch staff. They don’t like people wasting their time, be it on official servers or on the forums. Find another server, and don’t do it again

But Facepunch Washington is the best server hands down. I really dont have a desire to play rust if its not on that server.

How can you know it’s the best server if, quote, “Ive only ever played on one server”?
You goofed, you got banned, it happens. There are litterally hundreds of servers that would be suitable for you if you take the time to look for them. If you’re stubborn, then… I’m sorry, but I fear you’ll have to find another game to play or buy a new copy. Or maybe try to know who the administrators of the Washington server are, and contact them directly?

I will find a way to redeem myself one way or another.

You’re a fucking idiot and I hope they don’t unban you. I can’t stand spammers, good luck getting unbanned.

Obviously the guy that would spam “whipping da yam flipping n whipping the yam” every single night as much as possible… lol at ur ban

LMAO. I would love to see that in chat lol!

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whipping da spam flipping n whipping the spam

6 hours ago I was banned and I have already re added old flings on facebook. What will become of my life without Facepunch Washington? I plan on keeping everyone here updated.

You are 99% screwed. Had the same problem 4 months ago. Got in contact with FP admins by email and even this didn’t lead to anywhere. I’m still not 100% sure for what the ban even was placed. Even my thread got closed for some reason. Basically pick a new server my friend, and DO NOT SPAM :slight_smile: Good Luck

Your ban is permanent. Either play on another server or quit playing Rust. Stop wasting your and other peoples’ time, both with spam or whiny threads like this.