Are ceiling Destroyable?? (And if Not should they be?)

Just finished being raided once again -_- got all my doors knocked down on my 4 story house. I thought “That’s OK I’ll just replace them”. Only there was a bit of a twist.
They knocked down my 3 sets of stairs and replaced the stairs with ceilings making my base impracticable and basically made my house unusable for it’s attended purpose.

So i guess my Question is to the forum…

Should ceiling’s be made to be breakable? or should we put some system in place, to make only the owner/creator of the building only able to tamper with the structure and not other players?

Like seriously guys they may as well should have placed walls over my front door step.

Rust wiki states:
Wood ceilings can only be placed on top of 4 Wood Pillars. The ceiling takes as much space as a foundation. Wood ceilings are currently not destructable.

Wood ceilings will despawn after 5 days.

So does that mean players have the power to ruin other peoples buildings?? And if so do we want that ??

I know you can break through walls, but ceilings I don’t know. In my opinion, being able to build in someone else’s structure should not be allowed as long as it is still their structure (beyond doors), but ownership can be transferred/taken.

After raiding someone’s base, if you manage to keep the base to yourself long enough for it to begin the decay process on the previous owner (24 hours), then you can modify the structure.

I also feel that the current owner of the structure at any given time should be able to do 2-5 times more damage to all placed structure pieces inside the house for modification - or - can only modify non damaged pieces which requires them to repair all individual pieces of the structure.

Ceilings are currently not destructible like the wiki states. People also use them to grief.

Helk posted about this issue earlier:

“It’s a glitch, and I’ll fix it shortly :)”


I really hope he does fix this ASAP.

I’ve had two bases ruined by exactly this, some douche raiding me and then deciding to spam ceilings all over my multi-story base. Mind you, this was much *MUCH *worse when people were duping.

I don’t care about dieing in this game, but I hate the asshole scorched earth mentality that a lot of the playerbase has, all that does is drive people away from the game.

Kill everyone on sight if you want, raid them mercilessly, don’t fuck up their base to the point where it’s unusable, then they stop playing and you have one less person to kill/loot/raid.

And that is why I would make a small shelter, perferably 2x2 house, 1 story, and only a door and a few windows, so people wouldnt raid me as often

Well that was the point i was trying to make :wink: Thanks

any updates on this? somebody raided our base and broke all the staircases and placed ceilings so we can’t go to top floors anymore :\

Sorry for bumpin this somewhat old thread. Just looking for an update. Just within the last week my base has been raided and grieved 3 times.

All 3 times that its been raided, whoever they are, has taken down my stairs and replaced it with ceilings.

Just wished this was fixed asap, so I don’t have to rebuild a new base every time someone thinks its funny to grief.