Are Daemon Servers any good? (UK)

Im looking for a relatively cheap, UK server host.

Has anyone ever used Daemon Servers UK? If so, what do you think of them?

I used BioServers and thought they were pretty good, is this better or worse?


why not just stick with bioservers. i knew the owner once, he was pretty nice.

I had a few problems with them, I dont know if it was their fault or just the inevitable gmod lag problems but I felt like trying a different one. Also, since I stopped my subscription, their price has gone up by 20p so daemon servers is cheaper now.

You get what you pay for. If all you care about is price you’re inevitably going to have a laggy server.

i pay 3 dollers a slot for a 24 Slot ttt server Works like a breeze Sometimes you have to sacrifice the Coin to get a decent server its pritty simple.Those 1 doller slot things are horrid. :slight_smile: Btw i use

Thing is, im 15. I dont exactly have a lot of money :’(

Also: I want a UK based server. There arent so many choises.

DaemonServers are amazing hosts, I’ve been using them for a few months…
The two people that run it are great for support. They have great FastDL sync and don’t restrict you in any way.
I’ve had bad experiences with a lot of Garrysmod Server Hosts however I’ve not had any issues with DaemonServers.

Yeh, tbh, DaemonServers is probably the best host I’ve ever used. They just make everything so easy and cut all the crap. Support takes, at most, a couple of hours to reply and servers are never laggy.

I was going to go with serverFFS which are really good, but I just like DaemonServers more becuase it’s so much more personal.

There good. I know the owner.

you pay 3 dollars a slot because it’s in australia