Are hackers back again??

Ok so to get started i just wanna say i got banned about 3 times on this forum… Every time i get hacked and post it here i get banned for whatever reason, i hope this wont be the case this time…

Past 2 days we have been seeing speed hackers on official server Amsterdam 2. Me and 2 of my friends where going for air drop on hapis, killed a guy took the drop and where on our way home when night came. We knew where to run so we just went for it, all of the sudden all 3 of us get instantly dropped to wounded status. No gun shots no flashes no rocks that we could have fallen off only pump shotgun missing. Unfortunately 2 of our neighbors brought us back up so i couldn’t see who killed us.

Today it was daylight and i clearly saw hacker who was new spawn, saw him for a second and got dropped same like last time, only this time i saw who killed me and with what… A fcking rock lol…
Was shouting left and right for ppl to report a guy, and so we all did atleast 10 reports from my team and even more from other players. Later on i find out that he got raided, so he was pissed he went and got him self a hack to get back at those players that raided him( he has almost 300 hours spent in game) , he thought i was one of them… Few hours later 10 more guys shouting speed hacker report him! I see hackers steam profile and they where already VAC banned before. He was even saying in chat that he hacks.
CAN WE DO ANYHING ELSE EXCEPT DO USELESS REPORTS ON PLAYERS WHO KEEP CHEATING AND RUINING RUST FOR OTHERS FOR DAYS? Last time ive put few screenshots on this forum, but like i said i got banned -. -

Back in may hacker got my codes from whole base and took it over, in june i got robbed by no clipping hacker who stole stuff from whole neighborhood including my c4 and rockets.Now we got these speedhacking idiots 1 shooting fully geard players with rocks. Is there end to these hacks? Every time i hear oh our anticheat banned all hackers, its working now… U know something is fcked up if speed hacking moron is at your house naked killing everyone , and all u can do is pray that he doesn’t have no clipping cheat. :confused:

P.S. Every single of these hackers was from Mother Russia, i dont have anythimg against them, even have 3 in my team. Reason im telling u this is i jeard they can get copy of rust for 5 bucks back there… I guess they can afford to get banned :S

Sorry for my English, and im really surprised that i didnt saw more posts about hackers.

Oh and yeah reason i still keep playing on official server is this is the one i like and where i made lots of friends. And it wipes once a month unlike almost all active community servers.

Relax, hackers have always been present and will continue to be present. The level of hackers has been decreasing with new anticheat systems and good moderation. Let’s get the game finished and I am sure the developers can fully get rid of these hackers. Simply just report these cheaters to the server admins and move on.

How can you relax when there are idiots that can ruin days of your hard work in just seconds, and still get to play for days to come? One of my friends even told me dont ask ppl to report him he will come again and raid us… Lol i sure hope u are right.

I understand the frustration, I’ve also experienced similar issues. You also have to remember server resets are pretty often also - right now with the state of Rust you’re bound to lose all your work. The focus right now for the developers are bugs, features, and general improvements. I am sure cheaters/hackers will be their top priority soon.

Yeah thats why i like official server they wipe once a month, i cant play on those who do wipe every 2 3 weeks… Lets hope you are right man, friend just told me there is twitter where u can report hackers directly, so i will try that in future even tho i never used it before.

why don’t you report them to the Rust Hack Report Twitter,
Maybe if you had any sense to read this thread you wouldn’t be posting here, next time do a little searching on the forum before you post another useless thread.

Like i said in post above u i just found about it… I was doing all reporting in game. Thanks for your kind words

This system does not currently work. Hackers are reported to this twitter and a week or two later are still on the server hacking, especially on the Official Servers. There is no person who follows up on every report.

Let’s not pretend that people who get reported to this twitter are actually banned. Maybe some are, but many are not.

hey, i didn’t know you got hired by EAC and have complete knowledge of their inner workings! thanks cinder!

can you even imagine how many reports they must have to sift through? and the automated system works the same as VAC banning in waves. all you are doing is throwing your opinion out as if it is proof the system doesn’t work.

We have complete proof that hackers reported to this twitter have not been banned. Players have testified to this over and over on the forums. Everything else I said follows from this: some hackers reported to this twitter are not being banned - they can keep hacking for at least a week or two.

EAC is a tiny company. People report hackers to that twitter account. Nothing happens to those hackers. You figure it out.

Any proof that this is automated? If you report a hacker severals time, and nothing is done and that hacker can keep hacking for several weeks, then it doesn’t really matter if 3 weeks later that player gets banned. The damage is done. Hacker will buy a new cheap account and start over again, spending weeks hacking because EAC does not stop him.

EAC is failing. Pretend all you want that they are doing a good job. And I don’t care how many people are banned as hackers. They can’t keep the hackers under control. We just saw on reddit that EAC is not banning players using the most common hacks you can buy (or possibly EAC bans them after letting them hack on a server for weeks).

my point is exactly that; EAC are a small company, and likely being overwhelmed by the manual checks. this means the best thing they can do is get the automated system as advanced as possible or i suppose more staff. or scratch the manual report system entirely since most of the reports are likely to be butthurt players with no proof. regardless, a delay in bans is not equal to a player not being banned.

i think we are talking about different things here. the reports via twitter are not automatically banned by the system, since the details are too subjective. they need to be checked manually by the EAC staff, then ignored or applied as appropriate.

the automatic system i am talking about is the system that uses the cheat signature to identify cheaters, posting the bans on the twitter feed, and regularly banning players.

kind of a ridiculous sentiment. if they are tasked with banning cheaters, and are regularly banning cheaters then how are they failing? not meeting requirements sure, but hacking a game will always be easier than defending against hacks.

They back with a new cheat “quick click”

So today i got a word that he is still hacking and there is more of them… Seems like some1 released speed hack in past 2 3 days… It would be cool to know what happens to our reports that we send daily(20 on 1 guy) , because for now reporting hackers doesn’t do much it seems… I saw that garry fixed no clip hack server side, it is not possible to do it anymore, that is a big + for me…

that’s a bit like opening 30 instances of firefox because it’s taking too long to load up. making multiple reports is unlikely to do anything but give them more accusations they need to look into and delaying the ban.

I’m surprised about the resistance to acknowledge hackers her too. They are a plague to this game.

I’ve been stealing from a large clans quarys, very successfully might I add. I’ve stolen so much fuel and ore, it’s rediculous, and it’s been super super easy. I live about 5-6 minute hike away, and have not been followed once back to my base. Last time I was there, I got killed by a very very angry hacker who screamed at me that he would find my base and get revenge. I never went back, and suddenly this entire clan finds out where I live.

I know he was hacking, especially since he was on the ban list yesterday. Even though he was banned, my little group is the main target for a huge angry clan now. I know that stealing from them was very dangerous, but I did not expect them to find us using hacks. Hacks can really change the whole dynamic of how the game is supposed to play. It’s not fair. I guess that’s just how it is for now, and I look forward to when the game can be played how it is meant to be able to be played.

Yeah, hacking ruins this game. I have stopped playing until they can do better.

i haven’t seen any in a long time, servers mostly got anti jump hack and anti speed hack theres a ton of those out there on oxide, offical servers, you’ll find some speed and high jump hackers, i’ve seen more on there then on rust modded servers.

I have a feeling that there are more hackers than anyone even realizes.

I think EAC and admins catch the obvious ones who aren’t careful, but I think it’s incredibly optimistic to think they catch the majority. Even if they do, they aren’t catching the smart ones, who are ten times worse than the idiot jumping around the map with super jump.

You can avoid obvious behavior and not get caught with ESP, and if the comments on the forums of one of the more popular hack sites are any indication, the paid hacks are near foolproof and are updated within hours of Rust updates to avoid the latest changes that might cause detection.

And no, I don’t hack. I detest hacking and firmly believe it is the biggest issue with the game. I hate that there are easy to obtain and use hacks, for many reasons, including the fact that I hate that I can’t give anyone good actual credit in game because I always wonder about folks when they seem just a little too good, especially the ones with private profiles. It’s not fair to the players who play straight, especially the ones who are good and play straight. As for why I am browsing hacker forums, I like to check the hack forums for names of people I think act suspect in games. To what end, who knows, but it does make me feel better if I see someone who was dumb enough to use the same screen name as rust.

An anecdote to support my theory that there are more hackers than you think … I played with a group a few weeks ago that includes a fairly popular Rust player who I won’t name, and several in his crew use ESP and one or two would occasionally use aimbot when in trouble. They didn’t seem like they thought it was a big deal. It was disgusting listening to them talk about their raid strategy based on being able to see walls and box locations that weren’t visible. I left the group and server when they began talking about it openly because I didn’t want to be associated with them.

For a game that can be so heavily based on being hidden and building strategically, ESP is a huge game breaker.

I am sure it would put stress on the servers, but hopefully the client apps will become a lot less omniscient in the future by not letting clients ‘see’ things that the player can’t see.

So are hackers ‘back again’? I’d say no – the clever (I so hate using that word to describe them) ones never left.

[Of course, just as I post this, I see that a huge ban wave hit yesterday. I still guess that it probably didn’t get the majority of the clever ones, but I hope I am wrong.]

Wow i’m not sure what’s more stupid. The fact that you thought little skript kiddies would stop trying to hack the game. Or the skript kiddies themselves.

I’m sorry…But… the logic here?..

Einstein once defined Insanity as doing the same thing twice, and expecting a different result…aaaand you are on number 4…