Are hackers importnt to the early alpha stages?

So ive seen ALOT of videos of hackers, from speed hack, to wall hack, and was wondering, will these hacks be used to the developers advantage?

-Note, i have only seen videos, not first hand experiance

I’m quite sure they will. There is so much more you can do to prevent hacking than just code
obfuscating. Hacks like these at this stage help code the game in a way that is more hacking
resistant and it is more beneficial to fixing bad coding practices at an early stage of development
than later. That way you lessen the risk of having to rewrite insane of amounts of code later on.

i completely agree, do you think the hackers will get banned or applauded?

Banned ofcourse

Banned. But first we need them to do their job.

but what if the dev’s decide to use the hackers to their advantage, and use them to find weak spots in the anti cheat? surely

Even though they are beneficial in development perspective, it still does not justify their actions.
A cheater is a cheater and they will get the banhammer like they deserve. But don’t worry. After
one hack method is discovered, they will need to make new hacks that can be fixed. :wink:
Otherwise they’d just be using the same old hacks and not provide anything more besides
being a nuisance to other players.

Plus the developers will get more money when the banned hackers need to re-buy the game
to continue their bad habbits.

very true, thanks for your opinion =]

With every game comes hackers, theres nothing you can do to stop them from coming but you can stop them from doing harm

Luckily,the cheaters in this game don’t have much more than purely basic cheat engine skills.Unity is easy to hack,it’s a fact,devs just need to find a way to prevent it.Or just use scans to detect if CE is running and ban them.This is still an alpha game,so they are beneficial for now,but in the later development of the game,I expect to see some ban waves or cheat prevention atleast.

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Checking for CE won’t help much, there are hundreds of workarounds.

I call bullshit. What does that even mean? Unity games are not any more easier to hack
than any other. It all depends on how you program your games. Or do you have some
source for your claims?

Like there are hundreds of ways to prevent the usage of Cheat Engine no doubt. Or at least make it very difficult.
Serverside validation, encryption, obfuscation. You name it. In a multiplayer game, you never ever want the client
to tell the server how things should work, what your stats are and where you are located in worldspace.

Sorry for disturbing the crowd, gosh.

Besides this stupid statement, why do you keep
splitting your paragraphs manually? It makes them
really annoying to read. You should stop doing

At this stage of the game, I don’t think so. Simply because the game is always being changed and updated, that maybe a part of the game’s structure needs to be completely redone, so instead of fixing the hack/cheat by patching the hole in the original structure of the game, there will just be a new structure with a possible new hack/cheat. So perhaps later when the game has more solid ground a for sure way how the game is built, there’s no guarantee that much can be done.

sorry if the “structure” part doesn’t make sense, I’m not much of a game developer to produce the right word. I want to say codes or something, which the hacker can find a weak spot to cheat through then that weak spot can be fortified/fixed to not let it happen again, but with the code always changing there will always be new weak spots.

So apparently Unity games are programmed the exact same as every other game.

That’s a direction contradiction by saying, “Unity isn’t any easier to hack.” And saying, “It depends on how you program your games.” provided I read your post correctly.

I think what he meant was, Unity has an area in their development where it’s easy to hack and cheat. Probably like most game developers, there is an area that isn’t their expertise and they might not do the best quality work around, and that’s where it’d be easier (not easy, but easier) than other parts of the development to hack.

Pretty pathetic that they even got keys to begin with. The only thing they’re good for is getting themselves banned. Waste of space.

What I meant was that games made in Unity are not inherently easier to hack than any other
game that is not made with Unity. Or at least I don’t think they are. I would gladly see some
established examples if there are any.