Are hackers still on the rise or are they all banned?

As being said i would like to know if the game is still infested with hackers and such? so how is it going lads?

is the game playable yet?

Way less hackers then before cheatpunch, the game is actually playable now.

I’ve only run into a hacker once in my 200 hours playing.

But there’s a GREAT Problem about the Hackers!
As I heard about it, you can reset your local Steam ID, and then you could play again.
This is just on my point of knowledge, so don’t flip if it isn’t wright.
—But YEAH, it is A LOT better than b4—

There was a ban wave recently, probably not so bad for a small while…

There are ridiculous amounts of hackers atm. Probably the #1 problem in Rust right now

On official yea because no one actually looking after hackers

There is a ridiculous amount of hackers on all servers, they use aimbots and ESP’s and it goes undetected for the most part, I stopped playing due to this. Even the tools givin to the admins is piss poor and they have an extremely hard time catching them unless the hackers are blatant and fly around.

I saw two the other day. 1.) on a battle server just flying around, running super fast aim botting

2.) Was on the server I play on, he was in all cloth with a p250 me and my friend got the drop on him, not knowing he was hacking. I shot him once, between the time I got my next 2 shots off he killed my friend instantly and had me down to 32 health. The only reason I think I survived was I got lucky with a head shot after hitting him twice. Now me and my friend where a good distance away from each other and where flanking him. No one can head shot people down that fast especially at the rate of fire he was shooting with the p250. No one. Hell my friend didn’t even get a shot off.

I would say aimbotting is the most common hack I come across.

You would be surprised of the amount of people using discrete hacks like esp and never getting caught.

Hacker are still out there, not flying around, just hiding and waiting. But that is just in community servers, official server are their playground, nothing stop them there, you can see them flying, aimboting, using deathly areas and probably more, all that at the same time. Cheatpunch and ban waves seem useless at official servers.

Only on the pirated version.

There still hackers around, I just banned one yesterday from my server then a few hours later he came back with a new steam account and another copy of rust.

As Grangoko mentioned, to not join official servers. They are never moderated by live people and only cheat punch keeps some of the hackers at bay. Your best bet is to find a nice active community with fair admins that are easy to get in touch with. Let them deal with the cheaters while you have fun :slight_smile:

I stick to community run servers with active admins and I have only encountered one hacker so far (Since mid Jan)… well, when I say I encountered one hacker, I was on the server at the time when a bunch of players were screaming that a hacker was destroying their base and I saw one guy sky jumping way off in the distance. I was not directly in any sort of contact with the hacker nor did they affect me as they focused on a larger bandit group.

Unfortunately at the time, the admin was offline.

Experiences may vary of course, but my personal experience thus far is that hackers are quite rare… but again, that all depends on the servers you play on. The server I play on now has about 4-5 active admins.

it’s still a priority

Hackers are still a massive presence and it seems as though they tend to appear in big waves here and there. Had not much of a hacker presence of all then all of a sudden, a cpl days back, there were no less than 7 dead obvious ones that joined our groups server over a period of several hours and got banned. And of course, that is just the dead obvious ones… I am sure there are others we are yet to get that play it a lot smarter.

So without a doubt, there are quite literally tons still out there that are not picked up quickly by the current cheat prot. I can only assume that the un-managed official servers are insane with the number of them.

If you’re injecting the client you will end up getting caught.

I havent played since before the zombie removal update, three days ago I decided to log back in and take a look around at all the changes to the sky, and animals, and even the landscape seems to have changed some by Resource hole.

I was happily taking it in and BOOM some scrub with speedhacks named Micheal Myers comes up and starts rocking me to death…I tried to fight back but I’ve not had much practice timing my rock swings with somebody that fast lol…I’m going to resume my break for a little longer I suppose.

I really miss this game but I do not like the current state it is in, You guys really need to get one step ahead of that Helios guy and figure out a way to get his hack detected because his is bypassing everything.

there was a lot of bans not that war away so i think it wont be mutch hacker now ofcource new hacks will come that will overcome it .some servers got more hackers some got less . i once tryed 3 peaple server all the time i get spawned same guy kill me with p250 hs diffrent places (hack) but i also played in some normal size server and met like 2 hackers in like 4 normal size i tryed

I see lots of people complaining about hackers. It must be an issue of servers who are poorly moderated or official servers.

I have over 600 hours of Rust. I played on 3 different servers and really… I didn’t have much problems with hackers. All servers I played were/are modded and admins are very fair/active. Simple. Pick up the good servers and have fun.