Are html panels fixed?

I’ve been trying to get my motd working on my server, but it still shows the white screen. I have seen a motd working on some servers though. Is there some way to get it working?

They work fine, your doing something wrong :slight_smile:

I dont think he is because iv been having this problem with my loading screen and my motd

We have working HTML panels :S

Here’s my code

function ShowMotd()
	local motdFrame = vgui.Create( "DFrame" )
	motdFrame:SetSize( ScrW() - 200, ScrH() - 200 )
	motdFrame:SetTitle( "[MB] - Message of The Day" )

	local motdFrameHtml = vgui.Create( "HTML", motdFrame )
	motdFrameHtml:SetSize( ScrW() - 20, ScrH() - 50 )
	motdFrameHtml:SetPos( 10, 30 )

Kinda new to derma and the GUIs in gmod. Anything wrong?

haha its weird i did the exact same thing XD

I’m not quite sure what is causing the ULX MOTD not to work.

There is a working MOTD on yet ULX MOTD isn’t working…

Really need to know how to fix this, can someone help me?

It’s been posted few times already, that HTML:SetSize causes the HTML panel to break.

Docking the HTML panel to another panel will fix it.

local Panel = vgui.Create( “DPanel” )
Panel:SetSize( 500, 500 )

local HTML = vgui.Create( “HTML”, Panel )

Thanks so much!!!

Are scrollbars still acting super weird for anyone else?

That’s related to the dock thing, it seems to remove the scrollbar.

Yeah figured as much.

If someone finds a fix for that, please share. <3

Just a wild guess.

You could maybe add a scrollbar to the HTML control manually.

Haven’t really tested this idea, but I guess it could work.

Are you sure you can add scrollbar to HTML manually?

There aren’t hooks to control its amount of scrolling is there?

There was supposedly a fix today.

It didn’t fix shit.

If anyone has a temporary fix that works with scrollbars, let us know please.

Still nothing. :<

You can get the size of a document in an HTML panel with javascript and in turn scroll with javascript. Why not try using that w/ the scrollbar panel?

Also looks like Garry gave up on it.

Today’s update didn’t fix it, but I can’t see the news so I assume it wasn’t planned to.