Are LUA viruses still around?

I know they were a problem a year ago or more, but are they still?

I ask because, after a good while of not even having gmod installed, I installed it yesterday. I threw on a couple of my old addons (most recent versions) and tried to join a multiplayer build server. It hung during the join process (after having downloaded most of the server’s addons) so I just force closed gmod and left my computer. I came back to it today, and the HDD that gmod is installed on suddenly has 10.0 MB of free space? Upon installing gmod I believe it was somewhere between 13-15.

I ran an Avast scan but it found nothing; so I’m wondering if LUA viruses are still prominent and perhaps I caught one through some terrible bout of luck? If so, how can I tell/fix it?

Sorry if this should be in Help/Support, but I didn’t think it fit there since it’s not something wrong with Gmod itself, exactly.

No, there aren’t a lot of Lua viruses anymore. Avast would not detect them anyways.
The reason your HDD space has decreased is because you have downloaded custom content from the server.

Uhhh no, I seriously doubt I downloaded 13 gigs of content in a 10 minute join time to the server…

Launch GMod, unmount any games you don’t want installed, and then delete the local content of those games.

Lua exploits are no longer as serious as they once were. Nothing major can happen now.

Addons I put on beforehand: SmartSnap, Vehicle Control, Wire, and PAC2

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That’s reassuring. When I fell out of playing reg+ularly a while ago the “big thing” were lua antivirus dealios, so I figured it was taken care of officially by now, but wasn’t sure.

Oops, thought you meant 13-15 MB :v:

Could also be that you put your addons folder as an SVN repository, creating hidden .svn files which eat aaaaa lot of space

you should install a LUA antivirus