Are normal locks useless?

I’ve been playing for a while and I can’t find a single use for key locks. Losing keys is very easy and if you lose it you’re locked out of your own base. I just keep the door open until I get a password lock.
So what’s the use for them? For any door higher tier than wood they seem counter productive only. At least if you lose a key with a wooden door you can bash it open.

The only time I use them is when making fake bases, hoping people waste their time breaking in.

Keep spare keys to your front door in a chest inside your base. That way, you don’t get locked in when you respawn in your sleeping bag. Also, you can hide a small chest in a bush nearby your base with a key in it in case you happen to lose the one you have on you for whatever reason.

Locks are not useless. They’re just inconvenient and require extra work and planning. Building a base without any locks is pretty much a fail option as anyone can get in and steal your shit (including your base itself) without any work involved.

Key locks are tough. I use them before I have the resources to make the code lock. I usually build a dedicated small crate inside my base and immediately fill it with duplicate keys, so when I die a grab a new key. Gotta keep replacing the keys though, don’t ever get caught without one! Not great, but usually good enough until I get a code lock installed.

Hide several keys in boxes in your house.

Hide several keys in boxes outside your house (cliff boxes, water boxes, etc).

If in a group have 1 member stay back and be the door opener.

I don’t even bother building more than a 1x2 if I don’t have the code lock.

The trick to keylocks are to get at least 2 placed. Make an airlock type room at your entrance with a window looking into an adjacent room. Keep your inner key safe always, and keep a spare outter key safe. Take an outter key with you on adventures and when you return to base, enter the airlock and suicide once closed in. Now you can respawn and reenter from the inner room to pick up your stuff. And if someone takes your key they’ll only gain entry to your murderhole room which you can then hopefully use to kill them in ambush.

That’s a really nice idea, I like that.

Key locks are pointless, just put stairs in front of your door and rotate them when you have to leave.

I hate playing like this it feels more authentic of an experience using a key.