Are NWString's NWInt's and etc still as laggy as they were a long time ago?

That’s how i use it. I only send it once, then i just refer to it for different functions. Each new player gets an updated list on who is a donor and who is not.

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People like to avoid them because they can really stack up under circumstances.
Also, as to your reference to my server, the player limit it 36. It doesn’t seem to impact networking at all even when they’re all under NWInts.
Your statement is valid though. You should only be using them if they are only being set once and then being referred to from there on. it’s a waste of resources to constantly be changing those values.

The 60 players actually weren’t a reference to a current server, only the gamemode was.
There used to be a server with like 60 players maximum and it had a level system that used nwints for exp/lvl. The server was okey - it could’ve worked with 60 players ( As far as I remember it couldn’t even handle 20, often crashed because of the level system ) if the system would’ve used something else than nwvars.
And if you do it like I told you to please use net for it you really shouldn’t use networked vars for such.
If a server would have let’s say 10 big addons, and all of them use networked vars and the server isn’t that strong it probably won’t be able to run smooth.
That’s also another reason why coders should avoid NWvars.

And Lau, the amount of networked vars you can have mostly depends on the server.

If anyone bothered to read my link, garry explained himself why SetNW* is bad:

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