Are NWVars unstable?

I heard that with the new GMod update NWVars became unstable. I also heard that the hotfix last Monday was supposed to fix the issues. My server was stable for 2 days after the hot fix but has now gone back to crashing a lot. I haven’t added anything new to the server since it was stable, so I know it can’t be that. I use quite a few NWVars with my entities.

NWVars are not the main issue; NWString might have a problem, but they definitely aren’t the primary cause of crashes.

I’m just very confused as to how my server can be running just fine for 2 days, then not modify anything at all, and suddenly crash after crash. No kind of exploit is being used, to my knowledge. And the crashes seem to happen at random times. Sometimes the server lasts 3-4 hours, sometimes 30 minutes. I’m hosting with NFO and I’ve tried contacting them to make sure that they weren’t having any kind of connection issues and they assure me that everything is running smoothly on their end…