Are people going to get away with stealing now?

So I noticed after the whole report spam that you can’t report anymore. Giving the error for you to type something when you already have. People like Silver Spirit and Lua_King’d had a file stolen but they can’t do anything about it. Hell, some dick re-uploaded my player and claimed credit but I was able to report him before the spam. I worry that more people might try to do so in the future, is there going to be anyway to stop this?

SHIT!!! Give us back the cool report feature! NEEDS moderation!!! Your anti-svn thing is NOT working!!! Idiots keep uploading wire SVN dumps, that are not allowed by wire’s license. And ownership of saves is not the biggest problem.

People do these things because they are Trolls and they are trying to piss everyone off.

But I actually found a couple of Deviant Art screenshots that I made and I found them on Youtube with all the credit going to him and he said that me made the screenshots.


boo hoo boo hoo they’re taking my 5 seconds sweep my mommy gonna sue you whaaaaa

guys dont worry well get these bastards good

I wonder if that is why uploading is becoming a problem - I have an Adv Dupe to share that I created and pfft it ton’t work

I am pretty sure this is warez

we need report back

Yeah, Thats why I came here. When I saw that I came into this thread. And someone mentioned it.

Some people are idiots. But they wont work anyway… They are from CS:S. You cant put it into gmod. It uses different files… Hahaha. Thats how dumb the creator is.

I checked the contents.

Not really, it works perfectly like that, you just need to make your own spawnlist.

I think the Uploader means. Playermodels for Gmod. But they aren’t set correctly, AND have wrong animations.

So the uploader failed on this one.