Are people 'hijacking' the helicopter to destroy bases?

I understand the systems in place to prevent this, disabling missiles against a target in a build blocked area, but we just woke up to the top 3 floors of our based being completely demolished in a fairly crazy way… Literally 2 entire floors were removed as well as all of the supports and walls, it would have taken 40-80 C4 to do the damage that they did and that makes no sense as they could have used that C4 to just drill straight down and get to the loot room in 1/2 of that. Every support beam was removed, ever wall, it’s nuts. The damage is so widespread and so indiscriminate that it looks like someone sat in the sky with a rocket launcher and infinite ammo and rained rockets down on the base for 1-2 minutes(ie: a helicopter). There were also walls taken out that make no sense, ie: they came in the back of the base and there were walls in the front, behind locked doors, that were destroyed(yet the doors or anything else were untouched). So our first thought was that someone figured out how to trick the copter to attack them with rockets in a place that they didn’t have build privileges or that something happened that removed 75% of the pillars in our base.

The other really weird thing is that every other wall, floor, window, door that survived is all at 100% health. I would have thought that there would have been at least 1 instance of splash damage to surrounding walls or floors or something somewhere, but all at 100% health. The base is all well supported with beams so unless there was an earth quake in came then it makes no sense that the building would have collapsed, plus it wouldn’t explain seeing doorways selectively taken out.

Anyone have any idea?

All pillars were gone this afternoon after the server rebooted (Facepunch Texas). The result was crashing ceilings and walls. I’m guessing something similar happened to your server and base.

Ah, good times. It would have been awesome to be an admin watching that unfold all around. Sucks for us, any idea what caused it?