Are replicated cvars a potential cause of overflows?

Does using replicated cvars, especially in a non-essential addon, increase the chance of overflows (if the server has too many addons)? Should I use them or replicate the cvars myself?

I once changed an addon to use some replicated cvars, and a friend’s server (that has a lot of addons) started occasionally giving net_SetConVar error messages on join.

Apparently yes, there seems to be a limit for them.
I am even unreplicating the game’s sk_ variables to reduce the count on my server. At least I haven’t gotten that problem on my server ever since (or just haven’t noticed).

At what time during a user’s connection and login are you sending the cvars? So far I’ve been doing it pretty late – at PlayerInitialSpawn – since the cvars are not immediately required.

What? I’m talking about FCVAR_REPLICATED. You can’t have too many cvars that are replicated apparently. How would you even control sending them?

I mean ones that you do yourself, unless you don’t even replicate any vars now.

He unreplicates the sk_* vars and doesn’t worry about them at all after that.

sk89q … sk_ :D… Just noticed,… boring joke of the day generated, let’s continue to clarify this issue:

My server has all addon vars normally replicated. It just seems that the server doesn’t fuck up with my selection of addons and the sk_ vars unreplication.