Are semi-auto rifles misplaced?

After checking out the semi-auto rifle that was implemented into rust, I did some research on how it compared to other guns in the game. To my surprise, it actually was worse than the AK and is meant to bridge the gap between the top tier guns and the SMGs. However, I don’t think that this is a good place for the gun to be. It’s not really lessening the gap between the most well geared players and the mid tier players. The Thompson and the Semi-Auto pistol are both more viable to those players than the rifle really is. Maybe I’m misjudging it, but it doesn’t do any more damage than the Semi-Auto pistol or the Thompson and doesn’t seem to do anything to bridge the gap between the SMGs and the AK because of that. I think the gun would be better suited as a high tier weapon that fits in more with the AK and Bolt-action rather than with the mid tier SMGs. Does anyone else feel this way?

The guns fine go ahead and try it out for longer than 2 minutes next time. Go get some real kills with it…it only takes like 3-4 hits to kill someone from my experience. The gun is fun to use.

It takes atleast ten hits to kill someone who is armored, not to mention the accuracy for it doesn’t really help it either. Overall it feels like a rushed idea, it will be tweaked no doubt so I am going to be patient. At this point i’d rather just save up HQM and get a bolt action w/ the lovely HV 5.56.

Stiff words coming from someone with 8 posts, bad grammar, and an ego. Forgive me for not kissing your feet your highness but if you want to offer your opinion you shouldn’t act so condescending. Having an attitude only gets you so far after all. So let’s forget you posted that so we can discuss the topic.

Sure, the gun does decently in reguards to damage. It takes 4 shots to kill an unarmored target and thats alright. But the Thompson and the Semi-auto pistol both do about the same amount. Thats why it doesn’t really fill in the role it was designed to fill. That doesn’t stop it from being an alright gun that kills people. But at the moment it’s really just a P250 with a bigger magazine. It’s not really practical because of that.

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For me it is pretty fine. Cheap u can afford to lose it a lot. Semi Auto Rifle makes 25% less dmg than AK and u are getting it for metal frags.

Also love the crosshair.

I partly agree with you. At first when they showed the very concept of it I thought it would be like hybrid between AK and Bolt, marksman rifle for medium to long ranges. Instead we get low damage auto rifle that shoots 5.56. I really wanted so Garry made it cost HQM instead of metal frags and buff up damage.

If you want it to be a bridge between thompson and ak it should cost 35 hqm. Ak - 17 metal nodes, thompson - 10, semi-auto - just 1 node. It’s really good for this cost.

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to try out this new rifle. Had one pop out of a barrel yesterday and then promptly fall through the map. D’OH!

But from what I can tell from what I’ve read and been told about it, it’s at its proper location in terms of cost when its performance is factored in. But I’ll reserve judgement until I get some hands-on time with it.

It need a small damage buff since it fires .556 not 9mm.

It does seem a little too weak. Though its not terribly weird that it would have less velocity, as it has a crappy barrel.

Kinda funny that it requires no wood, as its literally a block of wood.