Are signs censored?

Has anyone on the dev branch tried the usual words on signs to see if they are censored in any way?

Just wondering what the over/under is on the number of signs with the ‘n’ word per square km will be.

I’m just guessing based on the fact that Garry is Garry and this game features potentially uncensored peni, but signs probably won’t be censored. Odds are the modded servers will take care of that before FP does, which isn’t really a bad thing. People can still drop racial slurs in chat and anywhere else already.

why implement a system of signs if they are going to get censored. ?

Hmmm… now I can put up a “FREE CANDY” sign on my nondescript shack. I like!

I can’t tell if this is a serious question? Because there are a billion things that could be communicated with signs compared to a handful of hateful messages that could be?

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Yeah, the difference is that admins can see all chat messages as they occur to police that, but they can’t as easily police signage all over the map. I agree with your guess, though. I was just curious if anyone could confirm.

I agree with catinflas, there’s no reason to add signs if you’re just going to censor them. People will just use alternate spelling or slang to get their point across anyway. Every time a game tries to censor what you can write on signs it just makes the whole system useless. So I would prefer them to just not add signs if they have to censor them.

Since it happens every time, I imagine you have several examples?

The perfect example that comes to mind is the souls series. Those signs were so useless that after the first 20 I read I just ignored them completely. Another one is the news system they added into the pokemon games. There was zero purpose for it besides fluff to include in their advertisements.

Hell you could take it a step further and analyze games with forced chat censorship. People just started playing the loophole game to see what they could get away with, then THOSE became the new curse words. Its stupid and arbitrary to limit what someone can say on a communications system. Let the trolls say their n-words and spray curse words all over their buildings. They’ll either get bored of it and you’ll see it less, or the situation will get bad enough to where something needs to be done. I would still argue for removing the feature though as it’s stupid to limit speech. That’s how we all remain sensitive to words that should’ve lost all meaning a century ago.

Just smash the naughty signs if you don’t like them.

Soul series? Pokémon? Examples of signs in an MMO?

We aren’t talking about chat, which as I said is easier to police. We are talking about persistent player written messages.

Limiting speech is not how we ‘remain sensitive to words that should’ve lost all meaning a century ago’. People using words of hate is why these words still have impact.

You’ll notice I never said I thought they should implement censoring. I thought it was silly to claim that there was no point to add signs if they did, as if there was no point in conveying messages unless people can abuse it. That’s a ridiculous argument.

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I suspect most people won’t leave them at a level easy to destroy them. If my experience with wood stairs and unlocked door is any indication, people will go around smashing any signs that can be reached just to do so.

Seriously dude? I gave you perfectly good examples for why censoring is bad, why don’t you list some successful games that used signs in a way that both worked AND eliminated offensive words?

There are very easy ways to track what people spray on walls look at counter strike. All you’re doing is grasping at straws because you’re butthurt about the n-word being in the game sometimes.

You can make literally every word into a hate word its super easy. Don’t be so sensitive and just shoot the fucking signs down.

I doubt it, at least on the core end of the game.

I’m sure there will be server mods for people who run “polite” servers that detect when someone types a naughty word and kicks them.

But this is Rust, a game about survival and uncensored dicks. If someone wants to be stupid and put a racial slur on a sign because they think it’s funny, they should have the right, as immature as that is. It’s not like you won’t have the right to destroy said sign.

I think the best part about this is that people will start blaming the game for people doing this kind of shit, when in reality, it’s the fault of the people themselves.

If you give people the tools to have almost absolute creative freedom in your game, you’re going to have the creative people who make awe inspiring things with said tools, and then you’ll have the immature people who make giant dongs and boobs with signs spouting memes and racial slurs. It wasn’t the game that promoted the immaturity, it was the immaturity in that person being unrestricted.

Are they fuck!

You can shoot them though, with guns.

thats why this game is deisgned for ADULTs.

Your examples weren’t perfect, they weren’t even relevant.

I am not ‘butthurt’. You must have missed the part where I said I wasn’t even advocating FOR censorship. This all started because I asked it they were, and someone made the silly claim that there’d be no point in adding signs if they were. I still contend that is a pretty stupid argument.

“You can make literally every word into a hate word its super easy.”

Now you are just being silly.

would you buy your kids a book for 18+ and then dont let them read it ? :smiley: seems the same shit to me

you buy your kids porn mags and then don’t let them read them?? monster…