Are Steam payments secure?

Ok i played gmod at my freinds house and I need help.

I really want to buy the game of steam but my mum doesnt want to put her bank details into the site incase here money gets stolen. I tried to explain to her that it wont happen but she wont listen. Does steam have any gurantees or anything or does any of you have some things that i could use to get her to trust her bank details into steam.

Terms & Agreement. There is a reason its there.

I’ve spent well over £150 on Steam games over the years, and I’ve never had any trouble. It IS safe, buy buying the first game is always the hardest with parents, after that you’ll have no problems :D.

Well, Valve is a trusted company, just have your mom look them up on the internet or something… Also like Hakita said before, the terms and agreements will get your mom convinced…

The payment is secure when you submit your info to purchase the game.

Ask your Mom to read that, and look up Valve anywhere. They don’t even charge sales tax, so I guess if you put Half Life 2 on your Xmas list, then told her you can get it with no sales tax on steam, then you might indirectly get her to buy it.

It depends on where you live. It calculates sales tax on my purchases, since I live in Washington.

There is 6 000 000 steam users and 0 money manipulation reports. Show this message her.

This man speaks truth.

This is 1 of the reasons why Valve and Steam are Awesome. They have the most security, the better customer support in terms of hijacking and stuff, and most of their games rule.

<3 :3

If you are still iffy about the whole thing, get your mom to use paypal. It IS the most secure method to pay online.

+1 If you ever need to return something or talk to them, steam support does it really well. The dude at support offered to refund like $30 in purchases because steam didn’t give me extra copies of the games that I needed them for.