Are STOOLs' Lua serverside, clientside, or shared?

I’ve only recently started scripting Lua for GMod, but one thing that has been really bugging me is the lack of documentation regarding the development of STOOLs, whereas I can find plenty on SWEPs/SENTs/…
So, I’ve started skimming through other people’s STOOLs’ code and have been noticing patterns. One thing I still can’t figure out, however, and this is probably just me being new to the whole GLua thing, is what STOOLs’ Lua is treated as. For example, I can’t do anything with a player anywhere in my code without generating an error (and yes, I have double-checked the syntax), yet all the STOOLs I’ve skimmed through were coded in one single Lua file. Now what if I did want to send messages to the player through my tool, for example? How would one go about this? Am I looking over something here?

It is shared. If for instance you try to access a player in the left click toolgun function, you should make sure only the server runs that code.

[lua]if SERVER then
–your player stuff
–your client stuff

CLIENT is also an enumeration.

But LocalPlayer() is a clientside function, for example. I assume that to get the player associated with the client, then, I would have to declare a variable containing the player seperately?

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Nevermind. Found the player carrying the tool with self:GetOwner().

Thank you. Marking this as solved.