Are the HFB servers down for anyone cannot start my server it just says loading

Ya idk what the problem is but HFb support team isn’t helping with my ticket.

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the control panel is not working when i try to start the server it just says loading

Just so you get a response here and not wonder why everybody is ignoring this; HFB are notorious for having unexplained downtime and horrible support. At this point I think everybody is sick of them.

If you decide to stick with them, be prepared for frustrations galore.

Oh, and good luck.

and they could care less if you cancel cause peoepl keep handing them money

i just canceled both my servers and took them to nitrous networks, i gave them the benefit of the doubt for 2 months but i have had enough

Pros - Instant set up
-never was ddos’d
-always up unless it crashed

cons - slow control panel
-ftp was not full and limited, could only access what they allowed you to access
-updates took way to long to appear on control panel
-rubber banding constantly on server
-you pay for a 200 slot server to which the server becomes unstable after just 30 people are on it
-very bad customer support, you submit a ticket with a estimated wait of 2 weeks for a reply (my last one took 2 weeks)
-they have put to many servers on a single dedi box