Are the North America Severs Coming Back?

To the Development Team:

Any idea if the official North America servers will be coming back? They’ve been gone for more than a week. My group of friends was playing on NA 4 and we’ve been waiting for it to come back up. Totally cool if the answer is “no,” but could you please give an answer? I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering.



Dev Team doesn’t read especially Rust Forum. Sorry for that, the best you can do it is waiting. Sorry :confused:

There’s a sticky post on the Steam forums, stating just the opposite: That one should refer to the official Rust forums for contact with the development team.

I’m just not sure why we can’t get an official response regarding the North America server group. It’s three possibilities, as I see it:

1.) No. They are not coming back.
2.) Maybe. We’re looking into it.
3.) Yes. We’re working on it.

I’m not sure why it’s so difficult to get a response out of Facepunch. It would require a minimal amount of effort to answer the question. It’s not an unreasonable question to ask, considering there were hundreds of players playing the official NA servers.

I don’t know why we can’t get more out of the development team with regard to this topic.

yeah why arent they reading 24/7 throug the forum posts???
i dont get it either, can someone please pay a dev to read all these high quality comments?

/sarcasm off!

seriously dude, as i every other “alpha/beta” game, you have to expect bugs, glitches, empty servers or even NO SERVERS. they are patching, testing etc…

part of beeing alpha means beeing patient

In addition to sarcasm, there’s also a good deal of irony here.

Anyway, back to the main topic, I’m not sure why you’re getting a hard time for asking this.

That’s just my point, Joe. Thank you for getting where I’m coming from.

I get that the developers aren’t reading the forums 24/7. I understand that it’s alpha and that nothing is permanent. I’m simply stating that a lot of players were disrupted from the removal of the North American server groups and we’re wondering if they might be coming back up in the future. That’s it and that’s all. A lot of people on the Steam Rust forums were asking the same question, so it’s fair to say that it’s something that’s on the mind of the Rust community.

Just looking for an official response, not snide comments of the “…just-deal-with-it” mindset. I don’t understand why it’s a problem for asking the question, like Joe succinctly stated.

I bought the game and I think I’m asking a reasonable question.

Blizzard has employees (Community Manager) paid to read forums and report bugs to the developers. Why Facepunch could not do the same ? Before abusing sarcasm, look how work the other compagnies. Some have very good links with their community.

Gary is definitely active in reading (and replying to) forum posts. He selectively replies to those that he feels are worth this time, which I understand. Maybe he has a reason to not respond to this one, but I really don’t see why it isn’t registering on the radar of the development team.

Clearly, if it were a priority, the company could implement some form of a community moderator. They raked in more than $30 million from Rust alone, so they could hire an administrative person, at a low wage even, who could perhaps answer relevant and pressing community questions.

I agree completely. Only this can be a lengthy process. Hope it improves quickly!

There have been many threads about community moderators so I’m sure they’ve seen them by now. The idea that they raised a lot of money and should be able to hire one isn’t new. For whatever reason, Rust doesn’t.

I think the lack of communication from the development team really drives a lot of the questions, especially in this case. Why not just make an official announcement about why some official servers have been down for more than a week? A lot of players are looking to “regroup” on their old servers and now, without an official statement, there’s a lot of needless speculation about why they are down and if (when) they will return.

Facepunch wont pay for more developers to help speed up the alpha. Facepunch wont pay for admins on the official servers. Facepunch wont pay a community admin to answer legit questions.

They are getting A LOT of money from Rust. Yet they refuse to do a lot of essential things. It is actually a little pathetic. It could be greed? I don’t know.

Facepunch is hiring, dumbass. :zoid:


There’s another link somewhere in this forum (multiple places I’m sure) but I don’t remember what thread(s) it’s in.

Hmmm… Still could hire some administrators for Officials.

I’m sure there’s a million things they could do but it’s ultimately their call. No matter what: things are going to take time. People expect bugs to get ironed out within hours of a new patch, they expect devs to take time to ban people manually, they want FP to hire 30 more people and start chugging out updates every 24 hours… it’s unrealistic.
Time is what the devs need, not a bunch of people bitching about a small handful out of 4000+ servers being offline.

Bitching? It is more like reporting that they are offline in the hopes that something will get done.

I can almost guarantee you that this thread is not going to help your case. The servers will most definitely go back online when they’re ready. Until then… well I don’t care what you do until then but posting here isn’t going to help. And neither is pulling facts out of your ass:
“Facepunch wont pay for more developers to help speed up the alpha. Facepunch wont pay for admins on the official servers. Facepunch wont pay a community admin to answer legit questions.”

You don’t have any say in what Facepunch does, yet you seem to know exactly what they’re doing all the time. Making up “facts” and posting them in a thread because you’re butthurt that you can’t play a game that’s still in heavy development doesn’t help. It doesn’t shed light on anything.

Moreso, I don’t know much about Garry, but if I were him I’d read all these crap threads and just laugh at how horribly impatient everyone is.

EDIT: I should add that you actually CAN play the game, just not so much on the official servers… even less reason to be complaining about it.

they probably dont want to get owned by hackers