Are the "Omega" hacks over? (for now...)

It was hard to tell in the game chatter, but are the “Omega” hacks over? (for now…)

If so, they are bound to re-appear, but it would be nice to know that the official servers won’t be rolled back every 10 minutes! :wink:

EDIT: Not sure of the point of the “Dumb” vote, but this has been the bitter reality on the official servers for about the last week and a half. Omega and his cohort were using a very long-ranged AOE attack that killed you with “a hit to the chest”, but more importantly, wiped the **entire **contents of your base, other than workbenches!

Obviously, the vast majority of under-populated community servers would be of little interest to him, as he was after maximum effect, notoriety and grief.

(User was banned for this post ("Stop making threads about this already. Use the hackers discussion thread." - postal))

I have no clue but the last day and a half of playing have actually been enjoyable. I’ve killed and been killed and felt it was fair and fun.

hackers are getting smarter now. i have seen more using esp (box around players lets them know where everyone is at all times) and no recoil (spraying at people getting all hits and instakilling).

as a result, this leads to them still running around killing everyone they encounter easily, but admins are starting to say “they need more proof” (ie. video of aimbotting, high jumping, etc cuz they might just be good) or saying they simply arent hacking.

Needless to say, the guy eventually always gets banned by VAC and the entire server tells the admin he is a moron.

You shouldn’t blame the server admin for that. If he doesn’t see it with his own eyes then why should he ban someone on suspicion?

Granted, if a large percentage of my server agrees and wants him gone then I’ll generally appeal to the masses but the “proof-only” ideal is legitimate in my eyes.