Are the Rust developers bailing???!!

I feel like the lack of Updates to the game, Information on the server issues, Any information, is all pointing to the Developers Bailing on this project. The lack of damage control or even PR is disheartening. Server owners should at least have notifications of the problem other than the hosts blowing smoke and admitting no fault, which leads me to believe in Rust not going much farther than it is. I’ve seen Games in Alpha fail before, but Launching it in alpha as a $20 purchase with no information on future updates, replys to tickets to people who have purchased servers, replys to the hosts people are paying to so that we actually have something to go on… Ridiculous. If we could please have some information on the processes taking place, it would be a little peace of mind. My game host only sent an email saying “We are not at fault for these issues and they are Rust Game server issues…” Please give the players who have paid $20 a piece something to go on. And the server owners who paid that $20 and monthly fees to gaming hosts, something to go on here… Please.

lol would you guys just spend 2 seconds reading the main website already before declaring the rust devs aren’t saying anything? it has a blog where they’ve been giving numerous updates on this on an almost daily basis.

read up: