Are There Any BF3 US Soldiers For garry's Mod?

I’ve looked forever and never found ANY Links.

So Im Hoping somone here knows.

I’ve seen people use them in pics.

Scroll down in the main models thread?
Have fun, and just learn to search before you post a thread… More of a WIP thread though, you might be able to scrounge up what you need.

The ones you’ve seen are most likely private. NinjaNub did some but he only handed them out to certain people.

i dont think they are going to be released. at least not for a while :frowning:

He Said he has lost intrece of uploading em:P

They’re not done.

Most of the stuff is never done around here, get used to it. Mainly because of the nature of the work, it’s entirely based on one’s time and dedication to finish the work, and interest or good will to release them for public.

You can however download a replacement for them until someone decides to do them.

We have a lot of tacticool models around here.

Any links? My Account is messed up really bad it wont let me search :stuck_out_tongue:

Google is your friend. Users without gold membership can’t use the search function on Facepunch, but Google is an easy way to circumvent that.

Garry made it so specifically so no one can tell anyone to “use search function abrdabrbraaaa!” without looking like an idiot.

And also something about search engine being shitty or something. But that was secondary task.