Are there any brush to model converters other than Propper?

welp, it seems propper is quite broken, or i’m doing something wrong. either way, it doesn’t export properly anymore

so, are there any other tools for converting hammer stuff into models?

Propper works fine, at least for me

for me it outputs only the reference .smd and a totally messed up .QC, nothing else.

In L4D + versions of Hammer you can export to Maya, I assume you can make that into a model from there.

This is the best solution as it also allows you to optimise your more complex models.

No you can’t, the plugin isn’t included in the SDK and probably never will be.

Even after valve recently updated their Maya compatibility?

Yep, they have no plans to release it - they did however find out how many people want it to be released.

Does anyone know what was actually added? Because I don’t see anything new in the SourceSDK maya folder

or have I misunderstood what they mean by compatibility?

A method I’ve been using since before Propper was created is to copy the part into a blank VMF, set up the brushwork so that the desired origin lies at 0, 0, 0. Then save the VMF and compile the VMF with only VBSP. Then open the VMF in Crafty and export as OBJ. That is your collision model. Open the BSP in Crafty and export as OBJ. That is your reference model.
Use a modelling program to export the OBJ files as SMDs. Write a simple static prop QC and compile the model. You may then want to go make a few VMTs that mimic the original materials, but using the VertexLitGeneric shader instead.
It takes a little longer to do than Propper, but at least you get a nicely triangulated model courtesy of VBSP.