are there any bugs or exploits on my server that i could fix?

I do not want my server to be messed with so i want to make it so there are no bugs or exploits. Are there any known ones that i could possible fix?

The only well known bug is sv_allowupload/sv_allowdownload that lets players download your .cfg files and view rcon password if you have it saved in them. This may/may not have been fixed.

Any other exploits would be from addons you put in your server, you should check them by extracting them from the .gma with gmad and browsing the code.

sv_allowcslua 0
sv_allowdownload 0
Dont have rcon password in cfg/server.cfg. You’re better of disabling the rcon feature.

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Yeh, the RequestFile extension bypass is not fixed yet, so make sure you do what I said above to prevent some skids hack your server.

well ik that, i have a script that keeps those at 0 even when they are changed

Then you won’t have you’re rcon stolen. We can’t really find fixes or find exploits on your server unless you let us see the code. It’s not like garry’s mod is filled with exploits that you have to fix on your own.

i do am not trying to figure out exploits with my server alone, i am just asking if anyone knows any exploits that are common and can be fixed and if not, then i will try to fix

It depends on your addons, normally when you add an add-on good search “gmod addon-name exploit”
Check the dates too, updates may have fixed previous exploits.
Great example of this is SSTextScreens.