"Are there any CPs in the theatre tonight?"

Get them up against the wall…

Another old-ish pose, trying to get rid of as many of these as possible without just shitting them out totally unedited. I kinda like exploring the whole “WHAT IF SOME OF THEM ARE CUNTS, ARE THEY STILL THE GOOD GUYS” thing.

if you don’t recognise the reference you can kindly get out (and then educate yourself by listening to the wall)

Who let all this riff-raff into the room?
There’s one smoking a joint, and another’s got spots!
If I had my way, I’d have all of you shot!

Nice pose.


i was just posing this hahahahaha


except the citizens had bottles and stones

owned fag, owned

(i actually posed this like, a month ago at least)

jk i am lying i would never pose something as dull and dumb as this

the dof is a little extreme but other than that it’s nice. tighten up the view next time – the subtle wide angle is kinda gross.

yeah it is a bit

i already cropped it down, it had legit fisheye before

Cool picture, but you really should try to make that grass look not uniform by adding some shadows/contrast and shit. The eye will have more details to look at.

I also see some unuseful space to the right. Crop the image!

I love the colors and atmosphere but the greens and oranges are maybe a bit too saturated, since the picture is kinda depressing. Try to desaturate them and the blood will come out more.

Rise the blue a bit so it’ll look colder.

At last, follow my advices or not! :wink:

Love the blood and the fabric folds, but the smoke needs a little work. Looks very solid.

The way the metrocops are falling looks pretty weird.

yeah, they’re just collapsing. i probably didn’t get the posing exactly right, but the last thing i wanted was them being thrown backwards off their feet by a single bullet.

Blood on the wall looks bad

It’s just strange because most of the shots are only hitting their chests, so they wouldn’t instantly be dead and flop to the ground, there would still be some life in their movements as they fall over.


I think the biggest problem is their arms. They look too ramrod stiff.

As far as I know, any sudden and severe trauma done to the heart can cause immediate incapacitation or death. A lot of those shots appear to be in the heart region of the body or close to, not sure. There’s a chance they may not be dead but unconscious which to some degree gets a similar sort of physical effect of falling like a puppet with its strings cut.

But the arms do look really stiff, Ross, could have give them a little more range of motion.

this :slight_smile:

also the grass could use some variation through shading and placing, a few bushes would help do that as well. :slight_smile:

nice one, i like it.

Not exactly. You’ll be guaranteed dead yes, but there have been cases of people being shot in the heart and running away before collapsing.

The heart’s a small target. Odds are a chest shot will hit the lungs, which will still cause a sucking chest wound and serious bloodloss.

If this isn’t awesome, I’m Santa Claus.

I really like this. The composition sucks but I really like the editing.

Yeah there’s no such thing as instant death, but in most cases I’d imagine it to be quick enough.

I think Gurne was sort of getting at that rather than ‘instant’ instant, we were discussing it on Skype earlier.

Yes, wonderful discussions on anatomy and trauma in Skype while raging at a slow download speed for COHO and lag as well as just bad runs in WoT Beta.

The blood looks pretty good- is that a ingame decal or something though?