Are there any "do whatever servers" in experimental?

I remember once playing a minecraft server called the do whatever server, on this server everybody was an admin. On rust experimental my fps is too low to do a lot of combat so I like to build, are there any of these servers in rust experimental?

There are modded community servers that are “build only” that will allow god mode for players, increased gather rates, remove tool, giant stacks, etc…

what about adding all blueprints?

There are lots of build only servers in the modded servers, I don’t know any that give admin to everyone but you can usually use a command to give your character a load out like a starter pack

ETA beat me too it, this works internet really took me 6 minutes to post lol

As for bps I don’t know if they do but my friend went on a server and said barrels dropped more and he basically had all bps within an hours gameplay

There are servers with better loot. I tried one for a bit and within an hour had BP’s for almost all the best equipment.

Yup. Forgot to mention that in my post. You can’t spawn BPs in for yourself, but with the better loot mod, a little barrel and rad town farming will basically give you pretty much every BP you could need.

I’ve thought about spinning up a small PvP + build server where everyone gets a starter kit of 100k wood, 100k stone, 100k metal. It wouldn’t be PvE but people would still be able to build to their hearts’ content.

Just an idea but maybe have an initial smaller amount of resources to avoid people claiming their resources before they can protect them. Either way sounds like it would be a good server.

here u go