Are there any existing models of buildings for scenebuilds?

There were a couple in a Fallout Resource Pack I have, and I have a few destroyed buildings, but I’m currently looking for props of in-tact buildings with a little bit of detail. By that I mean a little bit more detail than the buildings in gm_bigcity, and obviously not necesarily so huge.

I’m looking to recreate this image as close as possible. Help is appreciated!

The STALKER buildings can serve you for what you’re looking for

Oh cool, thanks.

use metro models
levels are models
items are models
its all models

if you cant find em in packs ask the ops they SHOULD Have it

You could probably pull some of that new fancy foliage from Portal 2 as well.

oh look a deer

If you’re seeing Bambi, you should probably lay down for a while.