Are there any flag mods?

I’m looking for mods that contains flags.

Im specifically looking for these but post any that you know of :slight_smile:

Germany (I apologize if the swastikas are not allowed)
1867 Kriegsschiffsgösch

1867 Kriegsflagge

1867 Nationalflagge

1920 NSDAP Parteiflagge

1940 LSSAH

Yugoslav states**
State flag of Serbia

Flag of the City of Belgrade

State flag of Croatia

Flag of the Minister of Armed Forces in Independent State of Croatia

Flag of Croatian-Serbian friendship

Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia

Saint George’s Cross

Saint Piran’s flag

Flag of the City of London

1340 Royal Banner of England

Flag of East Anglia


Havent seen any mods with flags like what your looking for…

Do you know where I can get any flag mods at all?

Or is there a tutorial on how I can make them myself?

I think using material override on those PHX panel models would work if you need a simple flat flag but I don’t know how to go on about getting texture to fit properly on the face.

Most of those flags are very boring.

You serious?

So you’re looking for models of flags?

If you have DoD:S, you might be able to alter the texture file on the flags it contains. It even includes a waving animation, which is pretty nice.